uPVC Window Repairs

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield

Sheffield locksmiths SheffLOCK are experts in UPVC window repairs in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

The correct window function is critical in any household's security and safety when it comes to correct functionality and the importance of maintaining the inner uPVC window mechanisms.

We also fit replacement Double Glazed Units.

Misted Glass

Misted Windows

One of the most common problems of misted windows can be solved with replacing the effected double glazing unit with a new sealed unit.

This can be done quickly by contacting us to arrange measuring of your misted window and then replacement in two weeks with a brand new sealed replacement double glazing glass.

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield

The importance of windows

During warm periods, opening your window is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of cooling your room or building.

Opening windows on opposite sides of the building to allow natural breezes to pass through (cross ventilation) offers the most effective solution during these warmer periods.

Utilise natural light to reduce energy consumption, and the warm rays of the sun can naturally heat your home during cold winter months.

uPVC window repairs Sheffield

Crucial Window Performance

Windows offer a connection to the outside world, allowing you to see what is happening outside your home.

e.g. what the weather is like or who has attended your home without answering the door. Crucially, however, they also provide you with an emergency escape route should the unfortunate scenario occur. An emergency exit point is needed, if a house fire should occur.

We are not dramatic when we say that a fully functional window can save your life!

Sticking uPVC Windows

For this reason, it is a necessity that all your UPVC windows are in good working order for your safety, comfort and also to adhere to your home insurance requirements.

UPVC Windows often contain inner UPVC mechanisms that allow your window to open and close securely and quickly, providing excellent security for your home or business.

These UPVC window mechanisms are at times neglected, causing them to fault or can malfunction without warning.

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uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield

Ask yourself this question....

How many times a year do you service and clean your window mechanisms, ensuring they are in good working order?

Due to this neglect, much like not servicing a car regularly, the eventual outcome is a UPVC mechanical failure.

So what do you do if these scenarios occur with your UPVC windows?....

My UPVC window is faulting?

A UPVC window lock faulting can result in the window becoming extremely difficult to close and lock, resulting in complete mechanism failure if the problem is not rectified.

We strongly advise that if the UPVC mechanism is faulting that you contact ourselves straight away to get the problem resolved rather than continuing to use the window.

The problem will not rectify by itself and will only get worse! Contact your Sheffield locksmith now to discuss your problem.

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield
SheffLOCK offers a comprehensive specialist UPVC window service.

In the first instance, we always attempt to adopt a cost-effective approach to repair any faulting or damaged UPVC window mechanism(s) as we stock a wide range of UPVC window mechanisms and parts.

Should the worst-case scenario be that the complete UPVC window mechanism needs to be replaced, we will ensure that this is completed efficiently in the most cost-effective way possible for you.

My UPVC window mechanism has failed?

In the scenario of a complete UPVC window mechanism failure, this could result in:-

  • The window is closed shut and will not open.
  • The window is open and cannot be sealed shut.
  • The window, although closed, will not engage using the handle; therefore, the window is not locking.
Double glazing Window Repairs
Double Glazing Window Repairs

Our specialist on-call team can quickly attend to your property and rectify the problem causing minimal disruption and distress.

*We do not advise attempting to rectify any double glazing window repairs yourself as this often leads to further damage occurring at an additional cost to yourself - always employ the services of a double glazing specialist in scenarios mentioned above*

We cannot stress enough that it is not uncommon for UPVC window locks to become faulty over time, primarily if not serviced or used correctly.

When this occurs, most people are reluctant to call a UPVC repairs specialist like ourselves through fear of being told they need a completely new window unit.

We are here to help you and ensure that any problem encountered is resolved professionally and friendly. Please don't worry, and you are in safe hands.

Window Handle Repair
Window Handle Repair

We always try to carry out Window Handle Repair as the most economic outcome for our customers. We carry a number of UPVC window handles on our vans at extremely cost-effective prices in the event of not being able to safely repair your broken window handle.

UPVC window handles are a vital part of your home's overall security and should be fixed as soon as possible. Please do not neglect this import security and safety feature of your home.

Remember when it comes to Burglary:

If they cannot access your home via the door, the only entry point is through the window.

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield
Sash Jammer Window Locks

We carry Sash Jammer window locks for economic security of old type uPVC casement windows to bring them up to a similar level as multi-point locking systems found in new uPVC windows.

Sash Jammers are a great addition to your home's overall security and should be fitted by competent and experienced engineers.

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield
UPVC Window Restrictors

Window restrictors, window restraints and window limiters are suitable for uPVC double glazed windows with different types of egress restrictors, key locking upvc window restrictors and cable window restrictors to choose from.

They provide peace of mind where young children are present or any room above ground floor. They can be used for improving window security to open windows when occupants are in the house but away from the open window for ventilation on warmer days. We recommend ground floor windows are closed at night even with window restrictors fitted.

The National House-Building Council (NHBC) leaflet and the Government document pertaining to Approved Document K of the Building Regulations regarding Protection From Falling, Collision and Impact covers how UPVC window restrictors should be applied in new and old buildings alike and will ensure that you treat all considerations carefully.

uPVC Window Repairs Sheffield
UPVC Window Repair Service

If your window is faulting, won't open or is closed shut, please contact SheffLOCK via 0114 4426200. We can often repair the broken UPVC mechanism along with Supplying and fitting any new UPVC mechanism parts.

We are passionate about ensuring the most cost-effective solution is achieved for you to get any UPVC window working correctly. The SheffLOCK team have quickly established a first-rate customer service that starts from the moment you contact our friendly team to discuss your issue up to the completion of any work carried out.

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Upvc window repairs
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