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Buying A Driveway Bollard

Which type of security bollard do I need for my driveway?

Driveway security posts come in all shapes and sizes, and it's easy to get bogged down in the amount of choice. So to make things a little easier, let's look at the different types you might find. The four main types of bollards you'll come across are telescopic, removable, automatic, and fixed.

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Telescopic Driveway Bollards

Telescopic Driveway Bollards are the most common driveway security post you'll find. These bollards can be manually lowered into the ground, allowing you to protect your driveway, preventing vehicular access when not in use, and allowing vehicle access when needed. These are our most popular security bollards for driveway security as they are easy to use and offer secure protection for your driveway. If you're worried or put off by the potential lifting weight of a telescopic bollard, there's no need to worry, as our lift-assisted bollards reduce the lifting weight by 60%. Removable Driveway Bollards However, a telescopic bollard might not always be the most suitable option for your driveway.

Removable Driveway Bollards

Removable Driveway Bollards

If you have a high water table, for example, it can make it challenging to raise the telescopic post out of the ground. In cases like this, a removable bollard might be a better option. Another point where a removable bollard might be more suitable will be if you have pipes or wiring under the drive that may limit how deep you can excavate. Removable bollards are a better option in cases like this because they require a much shallower foundation. Instead of retracting into the ground like a telescopic bollard, they can be removed and stored safely. We supply special storage sockets with our removable bollards so they can be stored safely without the risk of damaging the post.

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Fixed Bollard

Fixed bollards are sometimes called static bollards. You’ve probably seen these security bollards lining pedestrian walkways outside supermarkets or car parks. Unfortunately, these bollards aren’t usually suitable for driveways due to their static nature, making it impossible to allow vehicular access. There may be circumstances, however, where you may want to look at fixed bollards if you’re aiming to permanently stop access to certain parts of your property or narrow the vehicular access path.

Remote Control Driveway Bollards

Remote Control Driveway Bollards

Automatic Driveway Bollards use a key fob to raise and lower the bollard using a hydraulic pump system and require a more extensive installation process. These are the high end of driveway security and, as such, are reflected in their price.

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Rhino driveway security

Security Bollards

Rhino Security Bollards are a strong deterrent as they are visible and imposing to any car thief, slowing any attack. In addition, they are quick and cost-effective to install, with some insurance companies requiring at least two types of anti-theft measures to cover caravans and motorhomes.

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Bollard Installation

We can install your brand-new security post for your driveway. Check with us before you order the bollard to see if we can install it on your property for you. We can assess how many bollards you will need to install on your drive or whether there will be any issues. You can send us a picture of your driveway so our experts will be able to help.

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Car Parking Bollards

While driveway bollards are sturdy, they need to be looked after to ensure their longevity. If you have problems with your driveway security bollard or someone accidentally drives into and damages your bollard, don’t panic. Give our service team a call, and they can advise. If you need someone to come and take a look at your bollard, you can call our service team today to find out more.

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Bollard Installation

Fitting a new driveway security bollard requires digging through your driveway material. You will need to hire a skip to remove the rubble and spoil to leave your driveway nice and clean. It is essential when looking at automatic driveway bollards, as they require more extensive civil work.

Give us a ring if you need advice or have questions about how best to secure your driveway.

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