Double Glazed Units

double glazed units

Benefits of fitting new double glazed units

As with any decision, you have to weigh up the benefits against the drawbacks to come up with a solution that is right for you. We can help you by clearly defining what those benefits and drawbacks are.

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Low Cost

Replacing the glass is the most cost-effective solution as the replacement double glazed units can be measured and fitted, as and when required. This reduces the cost of the expensive alternative to replace the whole window casement.

The high quality ultra tough double glazed units start from £50 per panel. To give you an indication of our experience, we have worked on specialist commercial projects with units up to £3,000 per panel.

double glazed units

Added Security

A broken, misted or cracked window stands out as a sign of low maintenace and poor security. Quickly fitting new double glazed glass panels will remove the spoilt view and remove the vulnerability.

We have an article relating to Window Security in our Advice Section.

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double glazed units

Low Noise

Properly fitted and sealed double glazing reduces outside noise significantly allowing you to rest peacefully and not be disturbed by outside noises like cars or near airports.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the rating used by the industry to let customers know the effectiveness of the noise reduction capabilites of the new fitted double glazing units.

double glazed units

Improved Appearance

Keeping windows in top condition will make your home look new. Bright clear glass will aid your view outside and let in more natural light. If you want to add a laminate to your glass for safety we have several options.

double glazed units

Energy Efficient

Cracked and misted windows can increase your energy bills. By getting us to properly fit your new energy efficient double glazing units, you can prevent your homes warmth escaping. Window Efficiency Ratings are a quick way to determine how much energy you can save.

double glazed units

Add Value

First looks count so properly fitted double glazing improves the aesthetic of your home and so increases value to your home. Fitting new panels is a great way to improve the look of your home when getting ready to sell. Property with well fitted double glazed windows will increase the value of the home.

double glazed units

Improve Health

Misty windows are caused by condensation and can lead to mould and damp infecting your home.

Replacing double glazing glass panels early is so important to stop exposure to damp environments that can put you at risk of developing breathing difficulties caused by respiratory infections.

Save Time

We will visit your home and measure your window units without removing them so there will be no mess or inconvenience. You will not need to move any furniture or carry out any decorating when double glazed units are replaced. The window beading can be removed and the new double glazed window panels put in place. The beading can then be then be reseated with your new windows inspected for scratches and polished clean.

The whole double glazing repairs process will take around 20 minutes per panel.

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Double Glazed Units Sheffield
Richard Hanson
26 Feb 2021