Home Safe Installation

Safes for Homes

Safes for Homes

Our Safe experts have grown up with the improvements in safe design and know how to service and install safes securely. Call us today to discuss your home safe requirements with a key in case of battery or code failure.

Choose safes for the home from a selection of domestic fireproof safe boxes with electronic digital access. Our home safe boxes can be installed where you like or we can make a recommendation for you.

Home security safes are not as expensive as they once were and have varied designs to cater for different requirements.

House Safes

House Safes

SheffLOCK engineers have worked with many safes for houses that are accredited to the Sold Secure standard, meaning they have been attack tested and approved by locksmiths.

We only install safes that are insurance approved with varying levels of cash and jewellery cover according to the house safe box rating. Every security safe box is installed and checked to comply with insurance industry and security industry recommendations.

We can make recommendations for different types of safe boxes if you need a security safe box for keys or valuable documents like passports or cash.

Combination Safe

Combination Safes

The combination lock is a common way to secure a safe door. To open the lock, you simply press each button to the correct number rather than utilizing a key.

A fingerprint lock safe is also an excellent choice because they are built for quick access to your belongings.

Every domestic combination lock safe should have the backup of key entry in case the combination is forgotten or power is lost.

Metal combination lock safes have a fireproof rating and can also be used for storing items that need to be stored safely.

Safe Box

Safe Box

A small safe box provides a secure place to store small valuable items such as jewellery, cash, and important documents. It can protect your belongings from theft and fire.

Small underfloor safe boxes can be placed in any room allowing you to have quick and convenient access to your valuables when you need them. A safety lock box is less expensive than a large standalone safe bringing peace of mind that your valuables are safely stored.

Our safe boxes can weigh from 30kg up to 920Kg making them impossible to move without mechanical assistance with concrete thermal lining for insulation and density properties.

Digital Safes

Digital Safes

Digital safes offer several benefits over traditional combination safes. You never have to worry about carrying around or losing your key.

A digital key safe is more durable than a mechanical lock with little that can wear or break. Connecting to a burglar alarms is easier with a digital home safe.

Digital safes use a safe keypad to enter a PIN. This takes seconds where a combination lock can take considerably longer. Digital electronic safe combinations can be set and changed as many times as needed with no cost. Whereas changing a mechanical safe combination requires a certified locksmith.

Electronic Safes
Electronic Safes

High-tech electronic safes are reliable and easy of operate with added security features. Electronic digital safes are the most user-friendly types of safes available for fire and burglary protection. They are easy to use and alleviate the need to keep track of a key or remember a combination.

Electronic safes tend to be subjected to less wear and tear and last longer than traditional safes. They have also evolved a lot over the years and have become just as reliable as traditional mechanical safe locks.

Home Safe Brochure

Home Safe
Order Your Home Safe

Electronic safes have a number of features that increase the reliability and safety of your safe that include;

  • Time Delay Options
  • Duress Mode
  • Time Period Settings
  • Wrong Try Functions

Prices quoted include your selected safe, transportation, moving equipment and fitting.

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