Cat Flap Installation Sheffield

Cat Flap Fitter Sheffield

Cat Flap Fitter Sheffield

SheffLOCK are experts at fitting a cat flap in glass doors, upvc doors and patio doors. Your cat flap is best installed into your back door rather than your openly visible front door. To install your cat flap into a door you already have we can measure a replacement door panel or double-glazed glass panel that is cut to the size required for your door and cat flap dimensions. The glass patio door panel is sealed around the cat flap to minimise drafts and water leaks just like the door frame.

We can install standard cat flaps in glass made from moulded plastics. We do not have any glass cat flaps, only clear plastic moulded designs so a cat flap can be fitted in a double glazed door or french door. To fit cat flaps in double glazing doors we have to create a new double glazed door panel which is the same for a cat flap in french doors.

Cat Flap in UPVC Door Panel

Cat Flap In UPVC Door Panel

We can source a new UPVC door panel and cut it to the correct dimensions for fitting your new cat flap. We have installed a cat flap in upvc door panel shown above which is then secured in your door.

SheffLOCK can source many different types of cat flaps for upvc panel doors. With any cat flap in your pvc door panel you will want to make sure it is safe and secure so we fit cat flaps in upvc doors with new panels that are cut to size. We can do the same for a cat flap in a composite door, by replacing a composite door panel with one that will take the dimensions of the cat flap.

Cat Flap Fitter Sheffield
Microchip Cat Flaps

For your home and pet security it is advised to install a microchip cat flap that will open only when your cat is present at the opening. This will stop other cats entering your home and prevent anyone trying to use the opening for anything else.

If you do not currently have a microchip cat flap, we can source and install one for you. A replacement microchip cat flap can be fitted in the same space of a standard cat flap with a cat door flap replacement costing much less than a new installation.

Cat Flap For Glass Door

Cat Flap in Glass Doors

Professional Cat Flap Fitter experts in Barnsley Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield & Wakefield to install a cat flap in your double glazed glass door. Our qualified fitters will install a cat flap in a new UPVC door panel cut to the perfect size. Our experts will help you choose the right cat flap for your home with many options to choose from so call us to book an appointment.

Your cat flap fitter can install your desired cat flap portal in any:

  1. PVC door panel
  2. Wooden door panel
  3. Bifold door panel
  4. Double glazed door panel
  5. Double glazed window panel
  6. Interior or exterior wall
How to fit a cat flap
How To Fit A Cat Flap

We do get asked to provide a page on how to fit cat flap in upvc doors and glass doors. The problem is that fitting a cat flap in a glass door can be very dangerous when you are trying to cut glass.

Our glass cutting is done in a purpose built unit that has many safety features because cutting glass is very dangerous with breakages happening at any place in the double glazed panel and at any time. Home insurance policies do not include injuries for working on doors or windows so it is best that we plan and fit your cat flap installation.

We will be producing helpful videos over time and I am sure we will eventually create a video of how to fit a cat flap in a upvc door.

Electronic Cat Flaps
Electronic Cat Flaps

Electronic cat flaps have been built to enable convenient functions like controlled access with a lock for when you do not want to use the electronic cat flap functions.

Access can be controlled with the use of integrated timers for timed access or using a magnet for simple access to pets that have a suitable collar for the electronic cat flap.

SheffLOCK have decades of experience fitting cat flaps in a variety of locations ensuring minimum fuss to you and your cat. We will explain how the cat flap works and leave you with tips on how to train your cat.

Cat Flap Fitter Cost
Cat Flap Fitter Cost

The cost of fitting a cat flap in a upvc door or glass door has many variables. There are many types of cat flap with varying quality grades so the cost of the cat flap and fitting can vary.

Standard cat flap fitting cost is £120-£150 for a UPVC door panel. Microchipped cat flap installation cost for a UPVC panel is £160-£190.

Specialised glass door cat flap fitter cost is £180-£240 with microchp cat flap install cost £220-280.

We know of companies in Sheffield that are charging over £400 for a Cat Flap fitted into a glass door panel which is an inflated price in our opinion.

Cat Flap For Glass Door
Fit The Right Cat Flap

Measure your cat across its widest part which maybe either its chest or hips. If you have a young cat allow for growth by adding on a couple of centimetres. Measure the height of the body from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest.

You can also measure the height of your cats legs to set the correct base height for the bottom of the cat flap opening. You can also use your cats weight as a measure. Cat weight up to 5Kg the suggested cat flap opening size is 14 x 12cm, 6Kg cats 14 x 15cm and 7Kg cats 17x17cm openings.

Cat Flap For Glass Door
Doors With Cat Flaps

Microchip cat flaps will only work if your cat has been fitted with a microchip or you have a collar key. We can check to see if your cat’s embedded microchip will work with your chosen cat flap. You will find your cat’s microchip number on your microchip registration form from your vet.

Replacement flaps can be purchased from us if you have the dimensions or product codes available.

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Cat flaps in glass doors
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