When I Move, Should I Change The Locks?

change locks on new house near me

Should I change the locks when I move home?

When moving home, it is understandably an exciting but also stressful time.

However in this short article, co-owner of SheffLOCK and Ex-Detective Constable Chris Hanson explains that changing the locks to your home should be the very first security consideration:

The perfect crime committed is one whereby the offender is not seen, heard and does not leave any forensic evidence what so ever.

It is often the case that during the course of a burglary, the offender(s) will also steal a set of keys to the house to ensure easy access if they wish to return.

burglar holding up a set of keys

Who has a key?

If an offender has a key to your home, they can essentially come and go at a time and date convenient to them - I’m sure you will agree that that is a worrying thought!

Ask yourself this question when moving into your new home.

“How many keys are in circulation for the current locks installed and am I 100% certain who actually has a copy?”

When moving into your new home, especially new build type properties, it is common practice for homeowners to consider home security via installing a house alarm system or CCTV.

change locks on new house near me

Assess your access

Very few, if any, consider assessing the doors, windows and locks that burglars attack to verify if they are to the correct police and insurance standards.

The most attacked products to gain entry to peoples homes are locks.

However having the very best locks installed means nothing if the key falls into the wrong hands.

It’s a small cost in the grand scheme of things but a huge benefit.

Also consider this ...... If you moved into a new property and you were burgled by someone who used a key, your insurance company would not pay out.
change locks on new house near me

Protect your belongings

Surely that is reason enough to change the locks to your new home?

Furthermore, while you’re moving your belongings into your new property, it won’t be occupied at all times, though it will contain many of your valuables, conveniently boxed up and marked.

Don’t be vulnerable – make it your first priority when moving home.

Moving home is an ideal time to ensure you protect what matters most with the unbeatable ULTION lock from SheffLOCK.

We are one of the main stockists in the UK for the ULTION lock and we not only offer a supply and fit service but also a supply only option if your are confident of fitting the new locks yourself.

change locks on new house near me

Lock Change Near Me

When people ask us about a lock change service near me, we ask if it is an emergency lock change or a routine front door lock change so we can prioritise the call and give you the best cost price we can.

We fit hundreds of locks each month so we have secured the best prices possible from the lock manufacturers often beating door companies for the best priced locks and door handles.

Whether we change one lock or ten locks you can be assured that you have the best price possible.

change locks on new house near me

Door Lock Change Price

People will always want a cheap lock change so we always quote in advance our lock change cost.

Our lock change price is the most competitive in Sheffield. We can provide a 24 hour lock change service for getting locks changed on your house if you have lost your keys or need your locks changed after a burglary.

The cost to change door locks depends on whether you want to also fit new security door handles like our accredited LOCK LOCK door handles.

change locks on new house near me

Change Door Locks Near Me

We only fit accredited TS007 3 star Ultion locks when we change locks on house near me. We recommend you change locks on your new house using our locksmith change locks service.

To change front door lock on my house does not take us long as this is a routine job for us. We change locks near me, changing door locks on new houses all the time.

When you need a locksmith to change locks near me call us for a quote and arrange an appointment to suit you.

change locks on new house near me

Locksmith Charges To Change Locks

People ask us how much to change locks on front doors. Our locksmith prices to change locks depends on your current door and what you want to achieve. The cost of a locksmith to change locks has never been so cheap and competitive.

Change Locks<

Change Locks

If you change locks because you think it is faulty, we can make sure their are no easy to fix problems first to make your lock change appointment as cheap as possible. If we do have to change a faulty lock we will fit you locks that are accredited to BS3621 standards or TS007 three star rated locks which are the best at stopping burglary attempts.

We routinely change locks that are damaged through burglary attempts and we have found that previous customers who have fitted the Ultion locks have never been defeated for a burglar to gain entry. This is a minor cost and inconvenience to our previous customers as we have found that burglars do return to properties that were previously easy to get into.

Replacement Door Locks

Replacement Door Locks

You may need replacement door locks to conform to British Standard 3621 for your new home insurance policy requirements. All our replacement door locks are BS3621 accredited and approved. The Ultion euro cylinder locks are higher rated at TS007 3 star with the ability to add 2 star rated LOCK LOCK door handles.

We stock the best priced replacement door locks in South Yorkshire with the full range of sizes and styles on our vans.

Changing to Smart Locks

Changing to Smart Locks

Modern smart locks have been designed to retro fit a number of standard locks. We would not recommend fitting the lock yourself unless you are experienced with the lock and know that it will fit your present lock area. Wrongly fitted locks can be snapped or not function correctly putting wear on your new smart lock and reducing its life. When changing to smart locks it is worth noting that you have another means of entry in case the power or wifi connection fails. You can always keep a key in a key safe for emergencies.

The benefits of changing to a smart lock are that you can get into your home without using a key and know if you have locked the door. You can use voice commands to unlock and lock the door.

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