Burglary methods

Burglary Methods

The Blowtorch Burglary

Since 2016 I had personally heard rumours from various sources of a new burglary method being utilised to further enhance an already prolific method.

Lock Snapping burglary has been covered by myself in a previous article and before reading any further I would strongly advise you read that article first.

The Blowtorch Burglary Method

The blowtorch method targets UPVC and composite doors and the euro lock and handle area that is installed in these doors.

The aim of the burglar is to create a large enough hole surrounding the installed euro lock to be able to reach as deep as possible with mole grips targeting the centre hole screw area.

Manchester Evening News blowtorching article

Both lock snapping and blowtorching burglary methods have featured in the national newspapers with the latest in Stockport hitting the national news early November 2019.

Sacrificial snap lines alone do not provide sufficient protection

This new method of burglary is believed to have originated from West Yorkshire (where it is believed lock snapping burglary was born) with numerous offences already being committed in other areas such as Barnsley and Stockport.


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Burglary methods
Chris Hanson
11 Nov 2019