Glass Smashing Burglary Prevention

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Glass Smashing Burglary Prevention

In order to gain entry into homes or businesses criminals have utilised the method of smashing glass consistently for many years.

Like many methods of Burglary, it is a basic method, provides quick entry and if done correctly leaves no forensic opportunities.

This article explains how you can prevent yourself being a victim of this prolific Burglary method:

  1. Why Burglars target weak glass.
  2. Glass smashing - willing to accept defeat?
  3. What type of glass do you have installed?
  4. Prevent with Laminated Security Glass
  5. How much does it cost?
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Why Burglars target weak glass:

Ok, so straight to the point of what Burglars do and how they know what to do.....

Burglars are not stupid, they know the potential weak points in glass based on years of experience passed down from generation to generation of criminals.

Burglars want quick and easy access.

Why is that?

They are way less likely to be seen or heard therefore way less likely to be disturbed or apprehended.

Once you are actively participating in criminal activity you are going to speak/ team up with like minded people who then share information, tactics and techniques.

Pretty much like any trade and for a Burglar this is a job that provides good money so they want to know the best ways to earn money fast.

Aware and prepared

Glass accredited to BS EN 12150 standard or below is the glass they target the most.

It is often called or marked as “Toughened” - this is simply not true when it comes to withstanding force.

Not surprisingly this is what the majority of people have installed in homes as it’s the cheapest glass to conform to health and safety regulations.

This standard of glass smashes easily into hundreds of small blunt pieces of glass that are designed to not cut you if for instance you fell through the glass panel.

It also makes a surprisingly dull “thud” type noise when it shatters.

Its especially easy to break this type of glass in one of the four corners of any particular pane of glass with a tool such as screw driver to puncture a hole.

Protect all your home
Glass Popping

So have a guess what area burglars who “pop” glass target?

Yes its easy, takes seconds to achieve and burglars love it.

BS EN 12150 accredited glass is not tough in performance - in my opinion it should be called safety glass not toughened glass but this is the hand we have all been dealt unfortunately.

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Ask the experts
Glass smashing - Willing to accept defeat?

Now when I’m consulting with clients about Burglary Prevention, when we speak about the areas vulnerable to glass smashing I can almost guarantee to be interrupted with the phrase:

“Well if they want to get in they will get in!”

Music to the Burglars ears......

Its almost an acceptance that when it comes to glass smashing burglary they are totally helpless.

Basically “I give up .... take what you want!” is what I’m told.


Do you really want to make it easy for an intruder to gain entry into your home or business?

Please remember and take comfort from this fact - for every single Burglary method utilised by criminals there is a defence.

That’s what we at SheffLOCK are all about - Burglary Prevention that actually works.

Glass Smashing Burlgay
What type of glass do you have installed?

So now you know what the Burglars are hoping to achieve and why they do it lets start to look at what can be done to stop them.

This will take literally a few seconds of your time.

Go to any glass panel in your home that you can easily access, preferably a french door panel or sliding patio door if you have one as they are usually easily accessible and quite large (they are also the most attacked areas when it comes to glass smashing).

Glass Smashing Burlgay
Example glass markings

In the UK, by law, to determine what quality & type of glass is installed in a particular door or window all you have to do is quickly check the visible stamp mark displayed in one of the four corners of the glass.

The marking shown on this glass is pretty much what the majority of the population have installed in their windows and doors - glass accredited to 12150 standard.

I would be confident in guessing at this point this is what you have?

This is actually called Toughened glass ..... IT IS NOT TOUGH AT ALL WHEN HIT!

If you have the sequence markings of 14449, you have the correct security grading of glass - Great news!

If you have no markings anywhere on the glass I would be concerned as to the quality of the glass and the person who fitted it.

So now we have determined what glass you have installed or more importantly - haven’t got installed.

What are your options when it comes to enhancing this huge home security weakness?.....

Glass Smashing Burlgay
Prevent with Laminated Security Glass

Now, what burglars are hoping not see, if they are indeed looking, is the accredited number sequence of 14449.

This is the accreditation for British Standard laminated glass which is smash resistant on a par with a car windscreen.

It is often referred to as “Sledge Hammer Proof” and for very good reason.

It is extremely difficult to smash, loud when hit and is quite frankly a nightmare to gain entry through if you are in a hurry.

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It is what we supply & fit as standard and here is why...

Think like a burglar
Think like a burglar

What are a burglars two most worst nightmare scenarios when it comes to gaining entry?

Taking a considerable time to enter a property.

Making a considerable amount of noise attempting to gain entry.

The above two scenarios make it highly unlikely that a Burglar, if they do actually start to attack laminated glass, will continue to do so through fear of being seen and/ or heard.

That is why Laminated glass is a MUST HAVE security product.

Glass Smashing Burlgay

How much does it cost?

Glass smashing Burglary and the defence against this are an area of security that the overwhelming majority of people don’t even consider, I believe mainly due to the belief of cost but also because you simply are not aware of its existence.

I understand totally that cost is the number one motivating factor when it comes to home security.

So with that in mind, I want you to have a price in your mind as to what you believe a typical set of french doors pictured above would cost to have supplied & fitted with accredited BS EN 14449 laminated glass?

Glass Smashing Burlgay
Price Request

Now fill in the price request form and receive the guide price via email and see what you think - I’ll be shocked if you are not surprised.

If you are interested in having SheffLOCK’s Laminated security glass supplied & fitted by our team of professionals, please feel free to contact us to arrange a free no obligation appointment.

I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Glass Smashing Burglary Prevention
Chris Hanson
18 May 2020