Security Lighting as a burglary deterrent

Security lighting

External security lighting positioned correctly is an excellent cost effective home security product to have installed at your home or business in the fight against the burglar or unwanted intruder.

In over 40 years of policing experience here at SheffLOCK we often came across prolific career criminals who would often speak to us openly about what they dislike when committing crime such as burglary.

As a Burglary prevention company, this article will concentrate on the benefits of security lighting when considering home/ business security.

Darkness is a weapon

It is a fact that an ideal scenario for a burglar is to not be seen - something that makes perfect sense from an evidential point of view.

Darkness is a great weapon for a criminal to use, enabling them to commit crime without being seen has been a tactic used often for many years.

A good quality security lighting system installed correctly offers you and anybody nearby an excellent opportunity to see any unwanted intruders lurking at your property or business premise without necessarily having to leave your home.

Clearly see your surroundings

It is important that in the hours of darkness that if you are alerted to suspicious behaviour, for example in your rear garden, that if you decide to attend that area that you are able to clearly see and be fully aware of your surroundings should the intruder(s) be present.

The million dollar question often asked by our many customers is, “Does security lighting scare burglars away?”

The honest answer is not often if you do not have the correct preventative products installed in your home.

The Perfect Crime

When a criminal decides to gain entry into a home or business you need to provide that point of entry with at least 30 seconds of defence.

This may not seem a long time, however for the burglar they are extremely conscious of time and being seen.

Also the vast majority of burglars know security products and if these products can be clearly seen before attacking them, it is often the case the burglar(s) move on elsewhere.

*Remember the prefect crime committed is one whereby you are not seen, heard or leave any trace of forensic evidence*

The most prolific methods of destructive entry are lock snapping and glass smashing which take less than 10 seconds to gain entry without the correct accredited security products installed.

This is why the majority of burglars are not concerned with security lighting if they know they can gain entry in this short period of time - they are unlikely to be seen therefore never identified!

Security Lighting Hacks

This is why it is absolutely crucial to firstly concentrate on stopping the criminals getting in your home with preventative products which will leave the burglar frustrated and prolong the time spent at that point of entry - greatly enhancing the chance they will be seen!

Combining well placed and good quality security lighting is an excellent addition to your home security especially as we approach the winter months.

We advise however that the following security lighting considerations be taken:

  1. Install wireless security lighting such as good quality LED solar powered security lights to prevent criminals cutting wires to disable the lighting.
  2. Install security lighting where it cannot be easily reached to prevent it being smashed/ vandalised or removed completely.
  3. Concentrate firstly on points of entry areas into your home such as patio doors as these are the most vulnerable areas and the areas where the intruders will spend the most time.
  4. Have the lighting installed by burglary prevention professionals who are aware of how criminals approach properties to gain entry to maximise the chance of any unwanted guests being detected.

*Our burglary prevention advice here at SheffLOCK is to ALWAYS concentrate on burglary prevention before considering potential deterrents.

Here is an example of why:

This crucial home security topic is covered in this previously published article titled: Why Prevention is better than a Deterrent?

Please feel free to email us any questions you may have or call us for a friendly chat about any of your burglary prevention concerns.

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Burglary Deterrent: Security Lighting
Chris Hanson
4 October 2019