Burglary prevented with the ULTION lock


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SheffLOCK are proud to announce another lock snapping burglary has been successfully prevented by the ULTION lock installed by us in the Balby area of Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

On 2nd December 2019 we attended the scene of the lock snapping attempt which was videoed below by SheffLOCK co-owner Chris Hanson.

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Burglary prevented with the ULTION lock

It is the 2nd of December 2019, I am at the scene of an attempt burglary in Doncaster and as you can see this is a standard handle (and lock) that has been snapped.....

This was a customer of ours from approximately a year ago, who had her locks upgraded to the Ultion locks that we supply and fit.

As you can see the burglars have come, snapped the outer part of the lock but crucially, as you can see, the ULTION has stayed in place in the middle.

This was an unsuccessful burglary attempt to gain entry.

So ULTION locks from SheffLOCK do work, we do stop burglaries.

Just to prove that it is an ULTION lock (the video includes the door being opened to reveal the view of the remaining ULTION lock from the inside) you need to check three stars and a diamond underneath where the key goes in (below where it clearly says “ULTION”).

If you haven't got these locks fitted, you need to get them fitted as soon as possible.

SheffLOCK supply and fit these at the cheapest price in South Yorkshire.

We do offer a supply only service if you contact us on

0114 442 6200

A very happy customer and an attempted burglary unsuccessful and alround great result.

Lock disables entry

Still at the attempted burglary scene on the 2nd of December 2019.....

The added benefit of ULTION locks are when they are attacked, it disables the lock on the outside so you can see the sacrificial half of the lock has been removed but it stays locked.

However, when you are inside the other half is intact.

You can still put the key in, lock the door and unlock the door.

It doesn't affect the security of your lock whatsoever.

A fantastic product, proven to work once again.

This is a real life attempted burglary.

Feel free to message us, email or give us a call if you want to book your free consultation to get these products supplied and fitted.


Lock Lock Handles

Following installation of the ULTION lock & LOCK LOCK security handle ....

As you can see, we have fitted a new handle (to replace the previously damaged one) which is a Lock Lock security handle.

It (the LOCK LOCK handle) is curved which makes it extremely difficult to grab with mole grips, who (the burglar) would in the end give up as you can’t grip it.

We have put a fresh ULTION, 3 star diamond accredited (in the door to replace the damaged one) lock in.

Those two products combined give you maximum security, unrivalled security - in our opinion.

At SheffLOCK we fit (the ULTION & LOCK LOCK) these as standard, you get no other option when it comes to handles and locks for our guarantee.

With regards to opening the door we will have a look at the unique features.....

We have a LOCK LOCK switch (view from inside the door area), as we close the door we have the facility now to simply lock the door securely by clicking down the switch.

That means that nobody can use the key on the outside to get in and it is great for situations such as fires when you are in the house but more importantly security is not compromised in any way shape or form but you can still use the traditional key to lock your door.

Just flick your switch up and it opens.

These products are available from SheffLOCK.

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Prevented Burglary
Chris Hanson
10 Dec 2019