CCTV Installation Sheffield

The SheffLOCK team now offer you the opportunity to have the highly rated range of RING security products supplied & fitted professionally by our team of experienced engineers.

Why Choose Ring?

The RING spotlight camera is our number one product to prioritise and we advise wherever possible that this be powered via a solar panel resource for wireless use.

We wish at this point to advise that this device is available both wired for constant power or wireless with the option to have two rechargeable batteries inserted that on average last between 3-6 months depending on usage.

SheffLOCK however advise and install a solar panel per device installed which constantly charges the device and keeps the RING spotlight device between 85%-100% charge constantly.

This also saves on any electricity bills which which is a great bonus!

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Great Features

The RING spotlight camera offers an abundance of great features that are highlighted below making this a fantastic value for money all in one product. The camera quality is an excellent picture with 1080p HD video.

High Quality

This provides you with a clear and crisp image that is not hindered at all by movement such as from a moving vehicle or human/ animal.

Free App

The footage allows you to also zoom in as per a usual smart phone or tablet device, photo or video also.

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CCTV Installation Sheffield

Ring CCTV Services

This RING device has a great advanced motion detector facility allowing you to easily set the motion sensor parameter in literally seconds which minimises unnecessary motion detection notifications.

The sensitivity settings also are a great feature that again is easily edited in seconds via your RING dashboard.

RING offer you the capability of turning off the notifications at any given time (you can even easily set a scheduled fixed time also) for examples such as when you are hosting a garden party or when you are on the driveway cleaning the car etc.

The “motion snooze” option is a quick easy way to effectively turn off notifications for 30 minutes to 4 hours at a time.

RING spotlight cameras mirror the two way talk facility of the RING doorbell in that you can either just listen in outside to where the camera is installed (it’s very clear sound!) or engage in a two way conversation.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Bright Light

The device has two quality built in LED security lights that are positioned either side of the CCTV camera screen.

The lighting at night results in ample coverage and light to be able to clearly see your surroundings without being too imposing on any potential neighbours/ areas.

This provides excellent clear footage at night time as when activated the lighting provides a clear coloured image/ footage.

This particularly impressed the SheffLOCK team for evidential purposes when identifying uninvited guests.

The lighting is motion sensored and once activated immediately starts to record footage as per the setting (between 20 - 120 seconds depending on what you have set the device to automatically record).

CCTV Installation Sheffield


You can also manually press a button on your phone to quickly turn the light on or off should you wish to check an area in darkness.

The Ring Spotlight CCTV cameras also have a high pitched built in siren that can be easily activated for 30 seconds by pressing a button on your app dashboard.

Great potential deterrent and to warn nearby members of the public that there is an issue at your property.

CCTV Research

We researched and personally tested many highly rated smart home security systems and came to the conclusion that the RING systems are by far the best option for our customers due to its ease of functionality for you the customer.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Spotlight Camera

Overall the Spotlight CCTV cameras from Ring offer a three in one facility of combined CCTV, security lighting and an alarm siren which is the reason why the team at SheffLOCK recommend this product be the priority security product when considering CCTV.

The wireless solar panel option we as a company supply & fit makes this product very cost effective long term also.

Ring Spotlight Camera

Lock snapping burglary is a prolific method of entry that has been used by criminals for over a decade.

CCTV Installation Sheffield will fit and set up your RING security camera.

Technical Details

Please remember though you need a strong WiFi signal at the address for the cameras to function along with a smart device that is capable to download the free RING app.

There is a small monthly subscription fee with all RING products however this is minimal in our opinion with it being only £8.50 per month for unlimited devices at an address to have unlimited CCTV footage stored.

Contact the team now for a free quote or to discuss this amazing product further.

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CCTV Installation Sheffield

Ring Camera Products

With so many products to choose from we often get asked by clients during consultation what we would advise as a company to have installed first and where.

Therefore below is a list of our top three rated RING products to consider for your home that includes an in depth review:

  1. RING Spotlight camera
  2. RING Video doorbell
  3. RING Alarm

We understand and emphasise that each home is individual with its own requirements therefore we offer a very popular FREE home security survey for all residents of South Yorkshire.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Ring Camera

All you need is a good WI-FI signal at home for installation & a smart phone and/or tablet device to be able to utilise these excellent home security products. Many of you may only know RING for the famous video doorbell product seen by millions across the world via television adverts with the distinctive chime alert.

However RING also provide a full range of CCTV cameras and home security alarm systems that can all be easily synchronised with each other to offer you what we consider the final piece of the home security jigsaw, all controlled by your phone with ease.

There is also the option to provide multiple persons with access to the camera/ alarm usage and footage at no extra cost.

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