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Here we answer the questions we are frequently asked by our customers

Are dogs deterrents to burglars?
The Majority of burglaries are committed by criminals who pre-plan where and how they will commit a burglary. You can read the full article here.
You can also read our advice page on burglary prevention then call us to make a FREE appointment to have a home security survey.
Yes we can, by a compbination of using the Ultion LOCK LOCK doors handles with the Ultion anti-snap euro lock. We can also fit laminated glass panels to replace your existing glass. See our Windows page
This is a common problem with your multi point lock gearbox. It will need replacing with new unit. See our uPVC door repairs page for further information.
This could be your Spring Cassette that has worn allowing the spindle to rotate freely without engaging the levers or the handle has worn. The Spring Cassettes can be replaced or a new handle needs to be purchased. See our uPVC door repairs page for further information.

This is a common occurrence and doesn’t always necessarily mean that any of the locking mechanisms in the door are broken/ faulting.

A quick test to determine if it is a mechanical fault would be to open the said door, whilst open lift the handle and then turn the key as if the door was closed and you were locking it.

If this process is smooth than it is likely to be a door alignment issue which is for more cost effective but requires the expertise of a locksmith. Please contact one of locksmiths here.

Our advice is to leave the broken key within the lock and do not attempt to force the key out – this could cause unnecessary damage to the lock and make the situation far worse.

Contact SheffLOCK immediately as we specialise in broken key removal.

This is more than likely a realignment issue where the door has dropped or sagged upon opening due to lack of usage – it is rarely due to a mechanical fault.

SheffLOCK can attend and quickly ensure your door is back to good working order – contact us now via 0114 4426200.

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