Burglary Prevention: Rule 101

rule 101

Burglary has and always will be one of the most traumatic and unpleasant experiences any unfortunate victim may suffer.

We often speak to customers who were victims of a burglary over 20 years ago, who remember the details of such an incident, recalling what an awful experience it was and wanting to do all they can to prevent such an event occurring again.

The facts are that Burglary is and always will be a real concern for all of us.

We started SheffLOCK as a burglary prevention company because we knew that the vast majority of victims of burglary and the public as a whole are receiving either completely wrong Burglary prevention advice, outdated information or simply not receiving any advice what so ever.

Burglary prevention

Burglary advice

When a burglary occurs on a street the following are typical examples of so called “Burglary advice” that victims and the public are receiving:

  • “Make sure you lock your doors and windows”
  • “Install CCTV cameras”
  • “Get an alarm installed or service an existing one”
  • “A dog is a great deterrent”
  • “Don’t leave valuables on show”

There are of course many more.

This is NOT how to approach burglary prevention following such an incident, certainly in the first instance.

Cutting to the chase the most obvious mistake that we see everyday is to not approach home security with what we refer to here at SheffLOCK as “Rule 101”:

“Find out how entry is being gained and then prevent that method of entry ever occurring again!”

It sounds obvious doesn’t it?

It is obvious.

lock snapping

But its often totally overlooked and the problem reoccurs over and over again.

So called “experts” are complicating advice too much in an attempt to provide advice no one else offers in an attempt to become the authority regarding such advice.

An example of inadequate advice is:

A victim has the UPVC door handle and Euro lock snapped to gain entry during the course of a burglary.

They receive the advice of “Remember to lock your door”.

Is this sufficient burglary prevention advice? NO!

The fact that the existing door handle and lock were inadequate is the very reason the burglary occurred!

approved locks

That advice believe it or not is given often and is the wrong approach when giving burglary prevention advice.

The correct advice would be:

“To completely eradicate lock snapping burglary occurring please ensure you have installed TS007 3-star diamond accredited euro locks to any external doors”.

That advice is the solution to the problem - change locks to prevent lock snapping burglaries. SheffLOCK mortice locks.


Ultion anti-snap euro locks along with the Ultion Anti-snap door handle provide maximum security for your external doors with a combined 5 star rating.

Ultion Locks

Glass smashing burglary
Another example:

A victim has the rear patio door glass smashed to gain entry during the course of a burglary.

Advice given being “Security lighting & CCTV at the point of entry where the glass was smashed will deter any future burglar”.


That advice often doesn’t deter the burglar never mind prevent burglary occurring.

The correct advice given would be:

“To significantly increase your defence against the glass smashing method , install BS EN 14449 laminated glass which provides excellent destructive resistance to glass smashing attempts”.

SheffLOCK Team

Glass smashing prevention

For every method of entry utilised by a burglar there has to be some form of weakness as to how they exploited a point of entry.

That is what SheffLOCK as Ex-Police officers specialise in. We provide you with solutions that are proven to work to significantly reduce or totally eliminate crime occurring.

Burglary can be prevented!

Contact us now  for a friendly chat about any burglary prevention questions you may have or email us your query.

We provide you with the correct advice to make your home or business burglar resistant.

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Burglary prevention rule 101
Chris Hanson
7 October 2019