2 in 1 Burglaries explained

hanoi burglary
SheffLOCK owners Chris & Kevin Hanson have over 40 years of policing experience between them

In this short article, Chris answers the frequently asked question(s) surrounding a certain type of burglary whereby offenders gain entry into a home, take the vehicle key(s) and then subsequently steal the vehicle itself.

high value cars
"2 in 1" burglary

This type of burglary is known as a “2 in 1” burglary (also historically referred to as a Hanoi burglary) as the offenders are technically committing two types of criminal offences - the burglary and then the theft of the vehicle.

Offenders who commit this type of crime usually target high value vehicles and favour German type models such as VW/ Mercedes/ BMW & Audi as they generally hold the most value and are in demand via third parties.

cars are stolen to order

It is almost always the case that the offence is pre-planned and not opportunistic as the offenders are stealing the vehicles to order as part of a bigger organised crime group.

The vehicle once stolen, is driven to a location where it is parked and left for a number of days (usually 3 - 4 days maximum) to determine whether a tracker is installed and recovered by the police.

bmw are  target cars
Duplicate registration plates

These offenders tend to be experienced and have links/ contacts to organised crime groups whereby the rewards are more lucrative.

When offenders have identified the vehicle they wish to steal they usually have false duplicate registration plates of another vehicle ready to be placed on the stolen vehicle.

ANPR automatic number plate recognition camera
Number plate recognition

This is so not to activate the ANPR cameras/ devices situated at locations throughout a city and that of certain police vehicles e.g police traffic cars.

It also makes recovering the vehicle for the police extremely difficult if the vehicle is for example a VW Golf in silver as this is an extremely popular vehicle and is sighted often.

VW are target cars
Dismantled for parts

If the vehicle is not recovered a third party will attend and take the vehicle to be either dismantled for parts or transported elsewhere - usually out of the country via shipment.

There are usually at least 2 offenders who commit this type of offence and they travel using vehicles themselves to the pre-determined target addresses.

Stereotypically the offender(s) utilise two methods of entry above all others, these being:
Glass smashing burglary
Glass smashing

Patio door panels are the preferred target due to the size.

New Brisant Anti Snap Locks
Brisant anti-snap locks

Ensure all of your external doors have accredited Anti snap euro locks, these locks display under the key hole 3 stars and a diamond symbol. If they do not display these symbols they are not accredited & can be snapped to gain entry.


Laminated glass inserts
Laminated glass

Install New Glass Double Glazed Panels accredited to BS EN 14449 laminated glass to at least the main points of entry, such as patio doors or any external door with significant glass installed.

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Unbeatable protection

SheffLOCK supply & fit these must have security products daily throughout South Yorkshire with a 100% success rate in that these products have never been beaten by a burglar to gain entry:-

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2 in 1 burglaries explained
Chris Hanson
6 May 2019