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Ultion Key Control

Our keys keep what we have safe, when we keep our keys safe. That is why Ultion now comes with the extra protection of key Control

Ultion key control is completely free and gives you quick and easy access to more keys whilst making sure that only you can duplicate them.

How does this work?

Ultion key control ties your unique encrypted key code to your email address so you can order more keys then you get an email saying who is trying to copy your keys. You confirm it is ok. Finally your keys can be cut making your keys as safe as an ultion locked door. Just click activate key control at and beause we do not ask for your address or postcode at registration your information is completely safe.

If you require additional Ultion keys cutting and delivering please click the relevant button below and email us your enquiry

Activate your free £1000 guarantee & Key Control

Need more high security Ultion keys quickly?

Ultion Key Centre 1117005
Secure with Shefflock

SheffLOCK are one of only a few officially licenced Ultion key centres in South Yorkshire. This enables us to cut & deliver additional Ultion keys at an extremely competitive price for Ultion lock owners.

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