CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation Sheffield

CCTV Installation Sheffield

There is a significant drop in crime in any area where CCTV cameras are installed. Having a wireless home CCTV system installed is a cost effective way of preventing crime. Our dedicated CCTV installation engineers cover Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham. We install the proven Ring Cameras and Alarms which are versatile with excellent performance so we can tailor each system to your specification and budget.

There are a number of basic points to cover when installing CCTV in the home which we discuss later on this page. Domestic CCTV systems are less obtrusive and cheaper that commercial CCTV systems. We all want a safe home so deterrence of criminal or anti-social activity, couple with evidence gathering in the event of crime provides reassurance and peace of mind.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Wireless CCTV

A CCTV wireless camera coupled up to a recorder and any type of monitor like a phone creates a CCTV system. When you create a CCTV system for home, you do not want clunky recording boxes or large video monitors, you want a minimalist system that fits in with your lifestyle and use devices like your TV or phone to monitor your cameras.

A wireless CCTV system will not require an engineer to run cables around your home, just install the outdoor wireless CCTV cameras where you need the security.

The RING CCTV wireless outdoor camera system is used actively among community groups to gather evidence and to share video clips with neighbours and the Police when criminal activity occurs in neighbourhoods across the country.

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CCTV Installation Sheffield


Most homes now have access to WIFI linked to their broadband provider for a constant internet connection. This had led to CCTV being cable free with no cabling between camera and recorder so the only cables are for the power source.

CCTV WIFI outdoor cameras have a weatherproof shield and often a larger antenna to support longer distances. The WIFI CCTV outdoor camera system can connect a number of cameras to the same hub or recorder and be monitored over devices like phones and WIFI connected TV's.

Wirefree CCTV is convenient and quick to install. They have proven to be fault free for long periods and can be fixed quickly when problems occur.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

CCTV Installation

For CCTV installs, we can install CCTV equipment you already have or purchase from us. CCTV installed by us will carry our workmanship guarantee. Each CCTV install will be planned by an engineer before it comes to installing CCTV. Our CCTV installers have years of experience and have a sound product knowledge as well as building crafts to install in homes and businesses. Every CCTV installer is DBS cleared for working with and around vulnerable customers making sure everyone is safe. All CCTV installations will be quoted and checked for your satisfaction on completion. We try very hard to get everything right first time.

We have been in the security industry for over 35 years and CCTV camera installers for over a decade. If you search for a CCTV camera installer near me, we come highly recommended for home CCTV installation and CCTV.

CCTV fitting for us is a daily task for our experienced CCTV fitters, who dream of fitting CCTV. Our CCTV camera fitters have worked on single camera systems and as part of a team working with local authoroies on city stree CCTV fitted cameras.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Doorbell Camera

A great cost-effective way to introduce CCTV cameras for house security is the CCTV doorbell which is a small CCTV camera and probably one of the smallest CCTV camera you can get. Each mini CCTV camera has the capacity to record with two way voice communications with weather proofing to be used as an outdoor camera.

We have engineers in Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield ready to fit your doorbell camera for powered permanent access.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Wireless CCTV Kit

With modern reliable wifi networks a wireless CCTV kit can be installed quickly and easily. CCTV kits and CCTV camera kits have all the necessary parts to enable you to have a full working system. Home CCTV kits and CCTV wireless camera kits can be purchased online but prove sometimes too difficult to fit by some, so that is where our skills come in. We can install your wireless CCTV camera kit for you.

When purchasing a home CCTV kit that is wireless it is a good idea to make sure it is for the UK by looking up UK CCTV kits. Every CCTV home kits should consist of at least one camera and a hub with which to connect your phone or recording device.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Battery Powered CCTV

It is possible to get a battery CCTV camera that will last for months. Some high power or constant use cameras can have an external power supply such as a plug in adaptor or a solar panel connection. The standard Lithium CCTV camera battery has a longer life compared with Alkaline batteries.

We recommend that if possible that a solar panel is fitted in conjunction with any battery powered camera to keep the battery charged and free up time from multiple battery changes.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Fake CCTV Cameras

A cost-effective alternative to a full CCTV system are CCTV dummy cameras. A well positioned and clear to see dummy CCTV camera will be a deterrent for opportunistic thieves. Fake CCTV cameras look like the real thing and it impossible to tell if it is working so an old non working camera bought cheaply will have the same effect.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

Commercial CCTV

We can install business CCTV systems carefully planned for your situation and needs. Traditionally, a commercial CCTV installation would cost thousands to install but new systems off the shelf can be bought as a package and installed quickly without the need for miles of extra cabling. Each commercial CCTV camera can be positioned where required with a host of camera options for different tasks and environments.

We can install camera systems to cater for CCTV in care homes, construction site CCTV, farm CCTV, CCTV for schools and shop CCTV.

CCTV Installation Sheffield

CCTV Signs

There are CCTV signage requirements when installing a commercial CCTV system with CCTV signs being a legal requirement. We have our own CCTV in operation signs but you can use any CCTV in operation signage to give notice or warning that CCTV is in use. We have metal CCTV signs for walls and CCTV window stickers.

We can supply and install the latest Hikvision CCTV systems into your home or business with minimum fuss or disruption. You can choose from a single camera up to a 16 camera system controlled by a single recorder unit. You will have the cabability to view your cameras on your TV or from your mobile phone using a simple app.

We will make sure we install your cameras so footage can be used as evidence if required. Careful siting of the cameras are required to make sure that the images captured are admissible.

CCTV Installation Sheffield


The cheapest CCTV camera is not always the best option. Cheap CCTV cameras tend to be unreliable with a poopr picture quality. When you buy CCTV from SheffLOCK we will give you a clear indication of the CCTV installation costs in our comprehensive quote for you to check that it meets your needs and budget. Modern camera systems are quick to install so the cost of installing CCTV has become more cost-effective. The general works involved that make up the cost of CCTV installation are CCTV camera prices, camera placement, cabling or setting up to the recording equipment or hub.

We will supply you with a top quality CCTV camera system with a competitive CCTV installation price. We value our reputation as a burglary prevention company and only supply and fit reliable products that are shown to be effective. Each CCTV camera price will be the best value possible and we review CCTV prices and CCTV installation prices constantly.

We get our wholesale CCTV from top CCTV wholesaler and CCTV distributor companies ensuring prices of CCTV cameras are as low as can be for a quality system. We sometimes have a CCTV sale if we have cameras surplus to requirements.

CCTV Installation Sheffield


Domestic CCTV law for the UK is simple in that you should only record your private area and not record public areas such the pavement or a neighbouring property. Following a CCTV policy for CCTV data protection and CCTV rules and regulations makes the rules clear for home owners and keeps the public safe from unwanted surveillance.

Commercial CCTV is different with free introductory legal advice from most law companies.

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Hikvision Installation Sheffield


5mp full hikvison system 4 channel hikvision dvr 2 weeks recording mobile access

  • 2.8m lens wide angle (white or grey)
  • 4x cameras £440
  • 3x cameras £360
  • 2x cameras £300

This includes cameras and junction boxers for cameras bases it’s £10 per cameras.
No hidden costs all supplied and fitted with one years warranty parts and labour.
These also come in 40m range these are £15 each more.
All set up to tv and mobile devices if router is located in a different room there a £30 charge for a tp link.

Hikvision Installation Sheffield

Hikvison 3k 6mp ColorVu Audio Fixed Turret Camera 24 hour colour cameras

5mp full hikvison system 4 channel hikvision dvr 2 weeks recording mobile access

  • High quality imaging with 3K, 2960 × 1665 resolution
  • 24/7 color imaging with F1.0 aperture
  • 2.8 mm fixed lens
  • 40m white light distance for bright night imaging
  • One port for four switchable signals (TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS)
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)
  • High quality audio with audio over coaxial cable, built-in mic

Hikvision Turbo-HD iDS-7204HUHI-K1/4S is Hikvision’s 4 channel AcuSense false alarm reduction professional DVR. The HD analogue recorder supports up to 4 channels of smart filtering for human body detection and vehicles thus reducing false alarms.

Supplied fitted 1 years warranty parts and labour
3 years hikvision warranty
40m range 24 hours colour cameras
  • 2.8m lens wide angle (white or grey)
  • 4x cameras £580 2tb harddrive and camera bases
  • 3x cameras £520 1tb harddrive and camera bases
  • 2x cameras £440 1tb harddrive and camera bases

Tp links are £30 if broadband is located in a different room to recorder box when fitted

Hikvision Installation Sheffield

Hizone pro 8mp 4k colourvu cameras

8MP 4K Dome Turret Colour at night camera with 2x illuminating LED lights

Fitted with a 4 channel 8mp 4k dvr 2 weeks recording full mobile no subscription app (hik connect app)

  • 8MP 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor
  • 20m LED distance
  • DWDR, 3DNR
  • Full metal body
  • 3.6mm fixed lens

Hikvision Turbo-HD iDS-7204HUHI-K1/4S is Hikvision’s 4 channel AcuSense false alarm reduction professional DVR. The HD analogue recorder supports up to 4 channels of smart filtering for human body detection and vehicles thus reducing false alarms.

Supplied fitted 1 years warranty parts and labour
3 years hikvision warranty
40m range 24 hours colour cameras
  • 2.8m lens wide angle (white or grey)
  • 4x camera plus bases £500
  • 3x camera plus bases £440
  • 2x camera plus bases £380

Tp links are £30 if broadband is located in a different room to recorder box when fitted

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CCTV Installation Sheffield
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