Locksmith Prices

locksmith prices

Prices to open a door lock

We always give a transparent cost of the estimated prices for a locksmith to unlock your house and gain entry.

The cost to unlock and open a locked door starts from £70 plus VAT. This is inline with estimated average prices across the UK.

To keep things simple, the price is the same for all lock types. If more than one lock is fitted, we will be able to provide you with a similar estimated quote.

How much does a locksmith cost?

Locksmith prices include the hardware costs plus a labour rate for the time taken to find the fault and complete the work required. Outside of standard working hours, 5pm to 8am, a callout charge is applied.

Price Brochure

locksmith prices

Ring Door Bell

£144 inc vat.

RING-DB-G2In stock

Ring Door Bell Generation 2 supplied and fitted £144.

Ring Door Bell Generation 3 supplied and fitted with plugin chime £198.

Ring Door Bell Generation 4 supplied and fitted £228.

locksmith prices

Ring Alarm System

£450 inc vat.

RING-AL-1In stock

Ring Wireless Base Station and keypad (2nd Gen).

3x Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

3x Alarm Motion Detector (2nd Gen)

1x Alarm Range Extender (2nd Gen)

1x Alarm Outdoor Siren

£450 inc vat supplied & fitted


Ring chime: cost £36 inc vat.

Ring chime pro: (recommended plug in Wi-Fi booster): £48 inc vat.

Rechargeable Batteries: cost £24 inc vat

locksmith prices

Locksmith prices for
Non-Destructive Entry

£84 inc. VAT

SH-NDEIn stock

SheffLOCK use specialist techniques to gain entry without causing damage to your door. If you've misplaced your keys or find you're locked out, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property.

Because we are local, we can usually get there within 30 - 60 minutes.

No call out fee, 60 minute response, 24 hour service, CRB Checked.

It is policy at SheffLOCK (unless at the request of the customer) to carry out Non-destructive entry for all callouts. Whilst there are times that this may prove to be impractical it will be the decision of the consumer.

SheffLOCK are highly trained and very experienced at gaining entry with the minimum of fuss and without a mess. We are experts in the non-destructive entry and if we can not gain access then no one can. If you have poor quality locks fitted we will advise you of your options to reduce the risk of burglarly.

locksmith prices

Locksmith prices for
Destructive Entry

£84 inc. VAT

SH-DEIn stock

Mortice locks are VERY SECURE and ideal for home security but without the keys or if it fails it can be difficult to gain entry without completely destroying the old lock.

SheffLOCK are experienced locksmiths and will always leave your door looking as good as we found it even if we have to use destructive entry methods.

We have onboard a variety of locks to suit any door which are guaranteed for parts and workmanship.

Call us for the best locksmith prices in Sheffield, Rotherham Barnsley & Doncaster. We will keep your lock change cost as low as possible.

If keys are lost to multiple locks, a discount can be worked out, depending on the complexity of gaining entry to each lock.

locksmith prices

Unlocking Mortice Locks

In some cases a mortice lock can take longer to open than rim or euro locks. To keep our pricing simple for our customaers, and engineers, we charge the same UK standard price.

Unlocking UPVC or Composite Doors

Basic cylinder locks on uPVC doors can be easy to unlock, but high security anti-snap locks require specialist tools and training to access.

Unlocking Wooden Doors

Wood doors can be quick to unlock and sometimes have two locks. Opening two locks will take longer and may need to be replaced.

Replacing Lost Key Cost

The cost to replace keys depends on how many locks will need to be replaced in the home. SheffLOCK recommend replacing the lock if you have lost your keys.

If your home or business has locks that are keyed alike you would have to replace every lock.

locksmith prices

Price To Change Locks

The cost to change the locks starts from £84 inc. VAT for a euro lock cylinder and upwards for replacing a mortice lock. The price to replace a lock depends on the type of lock, brand & security standard.

The locksmith prices are estimated costs to replace all the different types of locks we fit including front & back door locks, uPVC door locks, patio door locks, window & garage locks.

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locksmith prices

Price to Repair Locks

The cost to repair a door or window lock that is faulty or damaged can start from £45 for repairing a internal door lock to £65 updwards for a front or back door lock.

The price to fix a lock will depend on the time taken to repair the lock, if any parts are needed and also the actual lock type.

If confronted with any of the scenarios above, then SheffLOCK have the expertise to remedy most problems. We carry an extensive stock of multi point locking mechanisms, central gearbox cases & various keeps & strikes, that enables us to offer a service to fully overhaul Upvc doors and render them usable and as secure as when they were first installed.

locksmith prices

Upvc Door realignment

£60 inc. VAT

SH-DOIn stock

Upvc door realignment may need to be looked at some time after installation as the house and doors adjust with use & temperature.

When the misalignment reaches an excessive stage wear to the central gearbox becomes evident, e.g. the handles become loose and floppy (most people assume that the spring has strained in the handles at this stage)

All of this will result in one of the following three scenarios:

  • The door is open and will not physically close
  • The door will close but it will be impossible to lift the handles and lock the door
  • The door is locked or unlocked closed but will not open

Any issues that arise whilst working on alignment issues, will carry costs for repair or replacement.

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