Are dogs deterrents to burglars?

are dogs deterrents to burglars

SheffLOCK owners Chris & Kevin Hanson have over 40 years of policing experience between them

Ex-detective Constable Chris answers one of the most frequently asked questions:

Are dogs deterrents to burglars?

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The Majority of burglaries in my personal experience and from the analytical data researched, are committed by criminals who pre-plan where and how they will commit a burglary.

It is a huge misconception and mistake to assume criminals are stupid and simply wonder the streets aimlessly waiting for a chance to strike.

Aware and prepared

Aware & prepared

As scary as it may seem, this means that the vast majority of the time they are already aware a dog is likely to be present at the targeted address before attending.

In my experience to rely on your dog to protect your home or alert you or your neighbours is likely a mistake as the harsh reality is that burglars come prepared for this scenario.

Protect all your home
Protect all in your home

It is not unheard of for burglars for example to post treats through the letterbox laced with calming type drugs such as diazepam in order to make the dog drowsy.

The best tactic we advise for our customers is to concentrate on protecting not only the items/ possessions within the home but also the people/ pets that live inside the home too by stopping the burglar(s) from actually being able to enter the home at all.

Ask the experts

I advise as a very basic home security starting point to have the correct accredited locks, handles and glass fitted by professionals such as ourselves here at SheffLOCK.

SheffLOCK Team
Right first time

Don’t leave it to chance as to what you think are the correct products. Start off by reading this quick and easy article I have published regarding what are approved locks.

Request a call back from Chris and take advantage of our expertise in burglary prevention and our FREE one to one consultations.

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Are dogs deterrents to burglars?
Chris Hanson
10 April 2019