What to do after a burglary occurs

What to do after a burglary occurs
Burglary has and always will be an extremely traumatic experience for the victims.

This article will concentrate on the crucial time after a burglary and what MUST be done to prevent such an event from happening again.

This is often overlooked but is an essential element of home security. This applies not only for the victims of burglary but for anyone who lives nearby (this could be classed as the actual street up to the area of the suburb where it occurred) to the location of the burglary.

What to do after a burglary occurs
Why is this this important?

It is proven beyond all doubt, via continuous analytic data released from the Police over many decades, that Burglars repeatedly target a certain area, often the same household or street.

If the victim of a particular burglary makes the adequate security upgrades, the criminal upon returning, will then target one of the nearest households that does not have the correct security products installed to withstand their chosen method of entry.

What to do after a burglary occurs
Sounds a simple process right?

It certainly is.

It is proven to be highly effective and a successful process used by prolific burglars. They have known for years that the victims and the general public have inadequate information to combat methods used by them to gain entry into homes.

Homes can be burgled again within weeks if there is a know vulnerabilty or something valuable they have seen.

What to do after a burglary occurs
It is a mistake to.......

A common process in the UK when a victim of burglary, is to contact your home insurance company. This is one of the main reasons why we pay our Insurance premiums to cover situations like this right?

Often Insurance companies have an emergency maintenance service that includes making your home secure following a burglary where force was used to gain entry.

What to do after a burglary occurs
So good so far...

For this example we will use the lock snapping burglary method:

The burglar has been successful in destroying the door handle and lock to gain entry into your home therefore you cannot close and lock your door.

The insurance company arrange an emergency locksmith to attend who is instructed before arrival that they can only install products on a like for like basis.

What to do after a burglary occurs
Like For Like Insurance

This is because you are only insured for the items you had installed in your home at the time of the burglary.

An example being if you had a Ford Focus motor vehicle stolen the insurance company would not replace the stolen vehicle with a Ferrari, would they?

Therefore they fit you the same level of security you had before which does not improve your security and leaves you in the same vulnerable situation security wise you were prior to the burglary!

What to do after a burglary occurs
Burglars Return

This is why they return to the same household, the same street, the same areas over and over again as they realised years ago that people jus don’t make the adequate home security enhancements post Burglary.

Therefore we advise everyone to consider the following process post Burglary, whether you are the actual victim or you become aware of a Burglary nearby.

What did the Burglar(s) do to gain entry?

Believe it or not this is often completely overlooked.

Glass smashing burglary
When people contact SheffLOCK we are often told:

“There has been a recent spate of burglaries in the area and I want you to upgrade my security please....”

When asked how the burglaries are being committed, we are often met with the answer of:

“I don’t know actually”.

The truth is the majority of people revert to what we would call Phase 2 of home security such as Alarms and CCTV in an attempt to prevent a Burglary occurring again.

Severe emotional stress caused by burlary
Ask yourself this question however.......

Will those security products prevent the Burglar(s) from entering my home again via the same method? Examples being:-

  • If they snapped your handle and lock to gain entry how can you prevent that from happening again?
  • If they smashed the glass to gain entry what glass can I install to prevent that happening again?

At this point people often say “Well if they want to get in they’ll get in...” and simply believe that there is nothing they can do to prevent burglary before giving up.

New Brisant Anti Snap Locks

The Police and other partnership organisations have for years worked together to create accreditations for products that are PROVEN to withstand all known methods of entry regarding Burglary.

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Laminated glass inserts
Accredited locks

To obtain these accreditations the products are tested vigorously against all known prolific methods of Burglary and only when they withstand all of the known methods are they awarded the accreditation.

I am sure you will agree that this is fantastic news for home owners.

Unfortunately this accreditation and testing is never really advertised or spoken about which is a real shame for the victims of burglary and the community as whole when it comes to burglary prevention.

Happy safe customers
Why doesn’t every home and business have accredited security products installed?

To put it simply ...... cost. This is the driving force of most businesses and installing cheaper inferior products allows businesses to make huge amounts of money but sadly at the cost of inadequate security.

Here at SheffLOCK we concentrate on preventing Burglaries from occurring by only installing products ACCREDITED to withstand the methods used by Burglars to gain entry into homes or businesses.

Burglary Prevention

To prevent a Burglary occurring you have to understand how burglaries are being committed and that's what we do here at SheffLOCK.

Due to our previous careers we have also met thousands of prolific burglars on a one to one basis which has provided us with unrivalled industry knowledge in the fight against crime.

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What to do after a burglary
Chris Hanson
3 April 2020