Ultion Keycaps

Ultion Keycaps

Ultion Keycaps

SheffLOCK offer ULTION owners genuine ULTION Keycaps for sale via our secure online shop.

As you will be aware ULTION keys have a unique shape and size making it difficult to find a KeyCap to fit correctly.

The genuine ULTION keycap range from SheffLOCK offers you an easy to attach keycap to an existing ULTION key that not only looks unique but offers you additional ease of use.

Keys are an item that more often than not goes everywhere with us.

Many of us have multiple keys for multiple doors not only to our own property but maybe to other properties also.

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Ultion Keycaps

Tango Ultion Keycaps

This can cause annoying problems when trying to determine which key fits which door quickly.

ULTION Keycaps from SheffLOCK are easy to fit and come in a range of colours and styles enabling you to easily differentiate between different keys.

When an ULTION keycap is applied to an ULTION key it gives you an easier, more ergonomic feel when using the key and is especially helpful for people who suffer with hand issues such as arthritis or if you are just looking for an overall easier use of the key.

The ULTION keycap range also offers you a fantastic solution to the following solution often encountered by us all....

We have all done it right?.....

Its dark and we want to get in the house quickly.

Ultion Keycaps

Strawberry Ultion Keycaps

We fumble around for our bunch of keys and then start the lucky dip process of trying various keys that are similar in shape and size into the lock until we finally use the one that grants us access.

We curse our luck as the incorrect keys are tried and don’t turn.

Its one of those annoying things that happen regularly that we think are part of everyday life right?

Well that's not true if you have an ULTION key!

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Ultion Keycaps

Luminous Ultion Keycaps

Here at SheffLOCK we offer you a couple of unique options for the above scenario to eradicate fumbling for the keys when its dark.

Option 1:

ULTION glow in the dark keycap:

The ULTION glow in the dark keycap allows you to easily and quickly identify in the dark which key fits the door you wish to enter.

It makes gaining entry with the ULTION key a nice easy process.

Our ULTION keycap range offers you two glow in the dark colours to choose from in either luminous yellow or luminous pink.

Ultion Keycaps
Candy floss Ultion Keycaps
Option 2:

The ULTION KeyLight Keycap available from SheffLOCK.

This great unique ULTION Keycap option is a simply effective solution to the dark night scenario and is available le at the cheapest price in the UK from SheffLOCK.

When in a need of a light, simply press the built in button on the ULTION keycap and the built in light makes the key a mini torch and a great additional feature to have many other scenarios where lighting is an issue.

No need for a bulky torch!

All of the ULTION key caps are available for both “U” and “X” coded genuine ULTION keys via our SheffLOCK Online shop.

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Ultion Keycaps

Ultion Keycaps

  • Stylish and durable ergonomic cap made to fit your existing Ultion keys
  • Clips on easily to your existing keys
  • Choice of 10 contrasting bright colours to make identifying each each easy
  • 2 Glow in the dark ‘night bright’ colours available for use in dark areas
  • Makes key operation easier
  • Spacers are included to fit original Ultion keys starting with a U

Ultion WXM Keycaps

  • Same stylish and durable ergonomic keycap made to fit your existing Ultion WXM keys
  • Same choice of 10 keycap colours
  • Same choice of 2 Glow in the dark ‘night bright’ coloured Keycaps

Unbelievable service

5 stars

Quickly followed up my enquiry and provided me with a new lock. Very efficient and professional service from Chris. Reasonable price for a good service and product. Would highly recommend

(18 Apr 2019, 17:45)

Fantastic and Fast Service!

Wow, what a service! Made my emergency look like a doddle! Excellent, professional and speedy service. Highly recommend Chris and the team. Thanks once again, Nat

(16 May 2019, 20:08)

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