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The LOCK LOCK security handle flick switch benefits revealed

I am going to show you the unique feature of a LOCK LOCK security handles inner flick switch and the many benefits to having this option.

If you do not know what a LOCK LOCK security handle is, watch the short video demonstration to show you how it performs. I would recommend watching the video first before continuing.

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The traditional way of locking your door

On a UPVC or composite type door, when you lift the handle it engages the side hooking bolt system known as the multi point locking mechanism.

This mechanism is excellent for security as the hooks and bolts, when the door is closed, sit into the opposite side of the frame.

This prevents levering the door open for example with a crowbar.

Once the handle has been moved upwards and the mechanism engaged as explained above, simply turn the key to lock the door and keep the mechanisms hooks & bolts in the side of the frame.

To unlock the door, simply reverse the process by unlocking the main euro barrel lock with the key and pressing the handle down.

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How does the flick switch work?

The flick switch is operated only from the inside. Following the instructions above (how to lock your door) from the inside, close your door firstly. Lift the handle up engaging the side hooks and bolts.

Now instead of using the key simply press the switch button down firmly.

Now your door is securely and easily locked with the red upper section of the switch showing which indicates the door is locked and secure.

Whilst the flick switch is down you will be unable to move the handle up or down therefore you are unable to disengage the locking mechanism.

It is important to note that the flick switch works independently from the actual euro lock barrel.

Therefore when the switch is flicked down in the locking position, using the key to try to unlock the door will not work.

This is a great additional security feature for many scenarios that other security handles simply do not offer, which we will explain in further detail in these next sections below.

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The Crime Prevention benefits of a LOCK LOCK handle

We are often asked when providing consultations to our customers during home surveys as to what are the benefits of having a LOCK LOCK security handle if you already have an ULTION lock installed.

“If I have an ULTION already installed can someone get in?”

Its a good question ....

The answer to that question is YES..... if they have a key.

The customer usually laughs at the obvious answer to the question but to understand the importance of that answer you need to explore the scenarios as to how a criminal or unauthorised person would be able to obtain a key to your home without your permission.

It is no secret that crime is on the increase. Predictions are that due to the economic impact of the pandemic, unemployment will rise and in line with that so too does crime.

car crime
Home and Vehicle Crime is linked

Vehicle crime in particular has been extremely high for a number of years now and the number of people posting on social media about waking up and finding that there car has been broken into is alarmingly a regular occurrence.

Vehicle crime offences like this carry very little in the way of a punishment unfortunately therefore the risk versus reward is worth it for the criminal.

How does the above scenario tie into the LOCK LOCK security handle?

Criminals are not stupid.... no seriously they are not, they are very good at constantly exploiting weaknesses in areas to benefit themselves.

They are not breaking into cars/ vans simply for low value items or power tools.

They know that ULTION locks cannot be broken to gain entry.

The only way they can gain entry is by obtaining the key to that door and that is why they target vehicles.

The fail safe option for when you enter you home is to simply flick the switch behind you once you have entered.

Its quick, easy and very convenient whilst providing you with maximum security.

You can go to bed at night with absolute confidence that when you flick the LOCK LOCK switch down, no one can gain entry into your home even with a key!

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Professional Fitting

We are experts in fitting Lock Lock handles in Rotherham with various sizes and colours to choose from.

We have called us to help some customers who have struggled to fit the handles themselves so take the inconvenience out of the upgrade by getting us to install the Lock Lock handles for you.


As Ex-Police officers, we offer our customers the opportunity to get the very best in high-security products at an affordable price to ensure the burglars stay out.

The Lock Lock security handle is the first security handle to achieve:-

  • TS007 2 star British kitemark standard accreditation
  • Sold secure bronze accreditation
  • Secure by Design accreditation
  • 10-year mechanical guarantee
  • 5-year finish guarantee
uPVC security door handles


You get a style that lasts twice as long. The chrome and gold finishes are achieved with two layers of copper and nickel, while conventional handles have just one.

That is why the Lock Lock exceeds the standard 240-hour salt spray test for endurance – 33 times over! Unrivalled protection, securing you and your family.


Upgrade your property with style and security with stunning contemporary, traditional, country or urban chic.

Buy Lock Lock Online

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Lock Lock handles are available in 7 stunning finishes: gold, stainless steel, black, chrome, rose gold, white and anthracite.

We can match other door furnishings like door numbers, letterboxes and door knockers.

uPVC security door handles

The cylinder-free Lock Lock gives you a more innovative option with a stunning seamless finish. The cylinder-free option is available for various doors.

brass security door handle

No key, no stress! You're home, and you want to lock the door, but you can't find your key. Lock Lock removes the need for a key on the inside.

That means no more searching for your keys. Plus, you get to lock your door more securely than you ever have before.

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There's an emergency, and you need to get out of your house - fast. The last thing you want to be doing is searching for keys.

With Lock Lock, you can be sure that this will never happen to you and your family. So you flick the switch and get out. Hopefully, you'll never need to worry about it, but why take the risk?

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Ultion Lock Lock lets you know when you're making your family more secure. Just listen out for the reassuringly solid "clunk clunk" noise that tells you when your door is locked.

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Lock lock fits all PVC and composite doors and many other door with a standard 122mm or 211mm handle set.

Protecting what matters should be as simple as possible.

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The patented lock-block stops the spindle turning. If the spindle doesn't turn, the door doesn't open.


For every 100 burglaries 30 homeowners see the offender.

uPVC security door handles

With conventional locks, the lock cylinder sticks out from the handle. It's not a great look, is it? That's why with Lock Lock, the cylinder sits neatly inside the handle.

brass security door handle

Get a grip? Wannabe burglars just can't do it, thanks to the Lock Lock curved finish. Even with the use of the intruder's best friend, molegrips.

The Lock Lock stylish rounded form deters and defends against attempted attacks. That's because the Lock Lock is designed to be gripped in only one way – by you and your family.

nickel security door handle

The Lock Lock patented spindle works in partnership with internal grub screws to actively prevent a burglar from pulling or pushing the spindle through.

Every feature is designed to protect against intruders, turning your door from a temptation into a deterrent.

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Chrome Lock Lock from SheffLOCK

The Lock lock chrome high security door handle is one of our biggest sellers as it complements nearly all styles and colours of the Solidor composite doors we fit.

We can also supply and fit uPVC doors and uPVC windows.

Real PAS024 test

This video shows the defence a Lock Lock security handle offers you having passed the official Police and Insurance approved PAS 024 testing.

No other handle before the LOCK LOCK has passed all the available recognised accreditation's to ensure you and your family are kept safe.

Don't leave it too late to take up the opportunity of maximum security at an affordable price by contacting SheffLOCK now.

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